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Beginning of the End
by DougWilson

It's currently January of 2011. Somehow this comic is still alive and kicking, which is beyond me, seeing as the last comic was published in July of last year.

That's six months. Six goddamn months of absolutely no CaX.

Well. Time to change that.

This will be my last comic as the formal artist for Carl and Xenos. Five years and only 37 comics goes to show that I have neither the dedication nor the skill to be cut out as a webcomicker. My good friend and brilliant artist Valerie Gadjali will be taking over from now on as the artist of this comic. I will still be writing the scripts, but I will no longer be drawing for CaX. I hope she will bring the spark of life that this comic needs to succeed, and I'm sorry for losing that spark for those of you who still read CaX.

-Doug Wilson

I'm BACK (And So Is The Comic)
by DougWilson

Woo! Carl and Xenos is back after a who-knows-how-long indefinite hiatus!

For those of you who aren't aware, CaX now updates on Mondays and Thursdays (and I swear I'll keep to this schedule! Otherwise I'm gonna get a visit from my co-author Alex, along with his friend "Mr. Inspiration"...)


Yeah. So come back every Monday and Thursday for more of Carl, Xenos, Dejavu, and Alexa as they continue with...what they were doing months ago.